Service Impact Alert - Fibernet

Dear FiberNET Customer,

 We will be performing Emergency maintenance on our network starting at 12:01 AM Wednesday July 10, 2019 which will last until 6:00AM Wednesday July 10, 2019.

 The maintenance will be to clean/replace fiber in the core. The actual estimated time, for the service interruption, is expected to be three to four 10 minute periods, possibly longer. The actual maintenance window is from 12:01 AM-6:00 AM. This may or may not affect all customers. Please note, we will make every effort to minimize any and all interruptions.

If you have a failover internet circuit available, you may wish to insure it is operating properly and ready for use should you need it.

 We appreciate your understanding in this matter and thank you for patience while we resolve this issue!

 Affected Services

 Possible Internet, Video, Voice

 Number of Maintenance Windows: 1

 Date: July 10, 2019

 Start: 00:01 AM EDT

 End Date: July 10, 2019

 End: 6:00 AM EDT

    * Clean/replace fiber between two pieces of equipment

  Potential Customer Issues and/or resolution of issues

     * Internet Outage or intermittent outage possible

    * Video Outage or intermittent outage possible

    * Phone Outage or intermittent outage possible

    * FiberVault DR jobs may be delayed if scheduled during this timeframe.

 How to notify us that you are experiencing issues related to this maintenance

 If your internet is not working after 6:15 AM, please call our Technical Support Group at 423-586-4121. <- This is the preferred method for contacting us regarding service issues.

  1. This option is provided as an alternative method of contact and should only be used during events where use of this email address has been provided. The account is not monitored during normal hours of operation and using it outside of the listed times as shown in this email may prevent troubleshooting and or restoring of your service in the event of an outage. .

If your internet is not working between 6:15 AM and 8:00 AM, you may send an *email to with “INTERNET DOWN” in the subject. It must be in all capital letters otherwise it will be discarded as SPAM. Please note, this email will go into a pool and may take longer than a direct call to our Technical Support Group at 423-586-4121.

  1. In the email message body, a call back number for someone on site, at the affected location, that can either provide access or testing/verification of the service.
  2. In the email message body, please include at least one of the following.
  • Account Number
  • Circuit Number
  • Account Name
  • Address of the issue

 *If your site has issues after the upgrade, you may have to send an email via cell phone or some other method if you do not have an internet connection.


If you are receiving this email on your smart phone, you may click these links with a prefilled subject to start the notification process you must however provide the additional details in the email body as shown above. This email is only good during this maintenance window and for internet down situations. All other issues should be directed to 423-586-4121. Click here to report your internet service is still down


You are receiving this notification by request. When you signed up for service or sometime afterward you requested to be notified of such maintenance events.

If you no longer wish to receive these notifications, please click the link below to request removal.

Click here to be removed from this notification list: Maintenance List Removal Request