Internet Update

FiberNET’s Internet issues over the past week were caused by a sophisticated, distributed, denial of service attack that primarily originated from multiple points outside of the country.

Over the last two weeks we have seen an increase in attempts to penetrate our network and over the Memorial Day weekend the network became overwhelmed with the traffic volume associated with the attack which lead to the internet interruptions.

The attacks were ongoing and when they occurred, clearing malicious activity would allow normal traffic to flow again for a period of time.

Security experts were able to isolate the cause and make adjustments to prevent the network from being overwhelmed again. This process stabilized and allowed traffic to flow throughout the network. 

Our engineering team continues to work alongside our support services and security experts to analyze traffic and mitigate malicious intrusions.  We are committed to maintaining equipment that will actively protect the integrity of our network.

Based on the cyber environment of today, it was determined to not make public the details of the outage to prevent opening our network up to more potential attacks. Our sources have notified us that this is not only a local matter but that network attacks nationally increased 84% in the last month.

We regret the service disruptions to our community.  Network protection will remain a top priority in an ever changing environment of cyber security.  We greatly appreciate the patience of our valued customers.