FiberNET's Beginning!

Article #1:

FiberNET’s Beginning!

In 2004, the internet was taking a backseat to escalating cable TV rates and the internet speeds were lacking, especially for businesses. At the urging of citizens for change, the City Council charged Morristown Utility Systems (MUS) to provide our community with competitive cable TV rates and better customer service.  MUS answered the voice of the community by launching FiberNET in 2006.

Since then, the internet has become the largest customer and the market place is being turned upside down with video services. No longer do you need cable TV to watch your favorite shows or movies, all you need is the internet to stream your videos and it is only the beginning. But in order to stream those videos, you require a very high broadband and FiberNET, with its fiber optic delivery speed, has done just that for the community of Morristown.

There is a mounting demand for higher broadband speeds for everyone; from business’ offices, to those who work from home to everyday household dependents. National experts predict that the future home with a central router will have up to 12 connected devices and fiber enables the broadband speed to ensure no decline in performance.

As a fiber-to-the-Home fully optical system, FiberNET provides speeds that are superior to all other networks and can continue to meet the demands of the future.  Locally owned, this system delivers its signals through digital pulses of light over fiber optic glass; this technology has the highest reliability and is unique by enabling symmetrical speeds, same up and down.

With MUS, as a commitment to our community, our internet costs have remained the same at $34.95 for the last 11 years. At that continuous cost, we have increased our access speed 8 fold and today the minimum speed is 50/50MB, guaranteed. Per Jody Wigington, MUS’ General Manager, “This was the technology MUS chose in 2006 and is reflective of our long term dedication to the citizens of Morristown”.

In Tennessee, out of 60 electric municipal systems, Morristown is one of seven to offer triple-play services. There are two other cities that offer fiber optic Internet and telephone to their residents.

With fiber optics, Morristown catapulted to the forefront of cities nationally with Gigabit enable speeds. As a founding partner of Next Century Cities, the city joined an organization of cities coast to coast that differentiate themselves as leaders in providing the highest connected speeds available.

Through our services, MUS continues to work every day to improve the livelihood of our customers and community. FiberNET is just one of these services that will improve our community and prepare us for the future of broadband.

This article is the first in a series that covers the evolution of MUS’ FiberNET and the current landscape of broadband in East Tennessee.