Energy Efficiency

Morristown Utility Systems has serviced this community’s needs since 1901. We know energy. That is why MUS is making energy efficiency programs one of our TOP PRIORITIES!

We strive to find new ways to reduce our dependency on our non-renewable resources.   New technology, at affordable rates, will one day take the place of coal.  In the economic climate of the world we live in today, money just can’t stretch as far as it used to. These are reasons we have to change the way we use electricity.  With rising prices and extreme weather, we realize we must change to be able to provide quality utility services for our customers.

We are in charge of energy efficiency for our homes. We can be our own boss and take control of our power bill through voluntary changes in our behavior.  Here at MUS, we take our responsibility as a part of this community seriously, so we are prepared to help our customers with information and programs to help. Come by and ask us for more information.

Tips to Reduce High Utility Bills

NEW! TVA Green Connect

 Green Connect provides homeowners with free resources for the safe and reliable installation of solar panels or solar with batteries. 

  TVA Green Switch

 Green Switch allows homeowners to match some or all of their energy usage with 100% renewable energy from the Tennessee Valley.

 Renewable Energy

 Electric Vehicles 
 Home Uplift
 My Energy Advisor 
 DIY Assessment 
Get a Home Energy Evaluation in person or straight from your smartphone.  Call 855-237-2673 to schedule or go to the Energy Right website  EnergyRight

 Business or Commercial Energy Efficiency needs or questions?  Go to My Energy Advisor (MEA) at MEA Create Account - EnergyRight and create your account to get started.  

  • Visit MEA Create Account - EnergyRight to create an account.
  • Once you have filled in your industry, roles, etc. and have created the account, you will be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication for added security.
  • Here, you will select Morristown Utilities as seen in the image below.



Tree Line USA Program

Every day in communities all across America, people depend on safe, reliable electric service to power their homes, businesses, and public buildings – all while protecting and enhancing the urban forest.

The TreeLine USA® program exists to recognize best practices in public and private utility arboriculture, demonstrating how trees and utilities can co-exist for the benefit of communities and citizens.

The Arbor Day Foundation collaborates with the National Association of State Foresters on this initiative. These state foresters bring expertise in balancing the demands of expanding utility needs in our communities alongside the benefits of providing adequate care for our urban forests.

MUS is proud to be one of the 19 utilities across the state of TN to hold this certification. 

Five Core Standards the Utility Must Follow:

  1. Quality Tree Care — Industry standards for pruning, planting, removals, trenching, and tunneling near trees are consistently followed..
  2. Annual Worker Training — Utility employees and contract workers are trained at least annually in best practices.
  3. Tree Planting and Public Education — Tree planting and public education programs are available to the public and paying customers, demonstrating proper tree planting, placement, and pruning while expanding the tree canopy in the community.
  4. Tree-Based Energy Conservation Program — A formal tree-based energy conservation program is in place, putting special consideration on the value of trees in conserving energy.
  5. Arbor Day Celebration — Participation in local annual Arbor Day events at the community level.